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The State of Montana uses eMACS, short for the Montana Acquisition and Contracting System, for eProcurement. eMACS provides efficient procurement services, contract management tools, and vendor management services.

For State of Montana vendors, this eProcurement system means:

• Re-registering company information using the new vendor management application;
• Submitting bid responses online; and
• Submitting contracting documents, including payment info via the new system upon request.

Vendor Informational Meeting

PTAC, in conjunction with the State Procurement Bureau, provide an annual informational meeting intended to introduce vendors to eMACS and answer questions about procurement. Yearly meetings are held in the following cities:

• Billings
• Kalispell
• Butte
• Missoula
• Great Falls
• Bozeman
• Helena

Meeting dates, times, and locations can be found at the Montana PTAC website. For details and to register to attend a Vendor Informational Meeting in your area go to the Montana PTAC website. Or you can see what PTAC Statewide Series are available.  

Contact Information

For more information or assistance, contact the Montana PTAC office near you, or the State Procurement Bureau, at spb@mt.gov or (406) 444-2575.