Procurement Training

Courses required for certification levels: Purchasing techs must complete the shopper/buyer course. Procurement staff shall take the purchasing tech course and Foundations of Procurement. Level 1 contract officers and contract managers must complete the purchasing tech and procurement staff courses in addition to limited solicitations and small purchase courses. Level 2 contract officers are required to complete the purchasing tech, procurement staff, and level 1 courses in addition to formal solicitations.

How to Register for a Certification Course

  1. If on the state network, click the Company Single Sign-On button.

    1. If outside the state network, email to create an account. 

  2. Click the Enroll button at the top of the screen.
    Image of the enroll button.

  3. Click the Launch button to start the course.

  4. Depending on the web browser, you may need to press the control button plus the addition or subtraction key to adjust the page zoom.

Certification Level Courses

These courses are tracked in talent. Contact SPB for questions.

Purchasing Tech

Foundations of Procurement for Procurement Staff

Level 1 Contract Officer and Contract Manager

Level 2 Contract Officer

Procurement U Course Attestation

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