Procurement Training


Delegation Agreement Required Courses

Please review the Delegation Agreement Training Requirements. You will find the required courses below under Online Training. These courses are tracked and user completion data will be available quarterly. Contact with questions.

Instructions for Delegation Agreement Required Courses:

  1. If you are on the state network, log in (simply click the Company Single Sign-On button). If you are outside of the state network, please email to set up an account. You will be sent a reply with information on the next steps.

  2. In the top right of the screen click the Enroll button Enroll button

  3. This will give you access to the course material, click the Launch button to the right of each activity to complete Launch button

IMPORTANT TIP: Depending on the browser you use to view these courses, you may need to press "ctrl" + or - in order to see the whole course page.

REQUIRED eMACS Access Training

Monthly Sessions Available 

You must take this Zoom course to keep your access to eMACS if you have the contract manager or contract administrator role. While the primary course objectives are geared towards the Total Contract Manager (TCM) module use, we will cover a high-level overview of each module within the system. The training will end with a short quiz. Please email for an invite.

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