Fuel & PCard Programs

Procurement Card Program

The State has implemented a procurement card program (PCard) designed to allow agencies the ability to make small purchases using a procurement card (U.S. Bank Visa).

This program intends to increase the efficiency of the purchasing system by eliminating manual steps and costly paperwork required to make small purchases. As a positive byproduct of the program, the State can:

  • Reduce the amount and number of petty cash funds;
  • Better identify the actual cost to make such purchases;
  • Reduce the audits and administration of small purchases; and
  • Enhance the reporting of purchases made.

Additional information, resources, and forms for cardholders, self-administering agency coordinators, and non-self administering agency coordinators can be found on the MINE site.

Contact Information or (406) 444-2575

Montana Public Vehicle Fueling Program

The program was created in 1993 to help public agencies in Montana:

  • Get out of the costly fuel dispensing business and privatize fleet fueling;
  • Simplify and automate accounting procedures associated with processing fuel transactions;
  • Achieve greater control over fuel expenditures; and
  • Exemption of applicable federal excise taxes at the point of sale.

Interesting Facts

  • The program serves over 400 individual agency accounts in Montana, including state agencies, local governments, municipalities, school districts, and special districts
  • Approximately 400,000 gallons of fuel are processed per month;
  • WEX, Inc. holds the current contract for the State; and
  • 99% of fueling stations accept the WEX fuel card.


Contact Information or (406) 444-2575

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