Montana Procurement Laws, Rules, Policies and Executive Orders

The links below will take you to information on the laws, rules, and policies that the Bureau utilize. For more information on the items listed below, contact the State Procurement Bureau.

Executive Orders


Executive Order No. 12-2016 promoting equal pay for Montana women directs the Department of Administration to include incentives in the RFP process for contractors who engage in best practices to promote wage transparency.

These best practices include the following:

  1. posting salary ranges in employment listings;
  2. certifying that the contractor will not ask about wage history in employee interviews; and
  3. certifying that the contractor will not retaliate or discriminate against employees who discuss or disclose their wages in the workplace.

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 03-2018 & 06-2018 Providing for internet neutrality principles in state procurement

After April 1, 2018, all state contracts and contract renewals for telecommunication
services require prior written approval from the Department of Administration, State
Information Technology Services Division (SITSD), and State Procurement Bureau
(SPB). Approval must be obtained through the Information Technology Procurement
Request (ITPR) process.